Hotels in Side Turkey

Accommodation in Side town is mostly a mix of apartments, pensions and smaller hotels. The majority of the larger hotels are located on the outskirts near the beach or in nearby Kumk÷y. On our first visit to Turkey, we stayed at the Miramare Queen. Around ten years ago, Kumk÷y was little more than a dirt track road with a few makeshift market stalls. Now it is a bustling town with many shops, bars and restaurants.

Many 5 star hotels have been built to accommodate the growing number of tourists that now visit this expanding holiday centre. We have stayed in hotels in both Side and Kumk÷y. In Side we stayed at the Park Side hotel, a 3 star hotel with good food and very friendly staff. In Kumk÷y, we stayed at the Miramare Queen and the 5 star Perisia. Again, the food was good but the staff were a little more conservative although very friendly.


Park Side Hotel

Park Side Hotel


Perisia Hotel

Perisa Hotel in Kumk÷y


Miramare Queen

Miramare Queen in Kumk÷y

Since we had such a great time at Park Side Hotel,we have added some more photos.


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