Side Beaches

Side has 2 beaches known as the East beach and the West beach. Both are a short distance from Side town. Depending on where you are staying, you may want to walk, take a taxi or use a dolmus (local mini-bus). Some hotels also provide a shuttle bus service.

Both beaches can be very busy in the high season, especially at weekends when Turkish families arrive from Ankara. During July and August the sand can become very hot so it is advisable to wear flip flops or other suitable footwear.


The West Beach

Side West Beach


There are a number of water sport facilities available including waterskiing and parasailing. There are also boat tours and opportunities for fishing or diving. You may see the occasional windsurfer although it cannot be compared to places like Fuertaventura. For a bit of fun you may like to hop on to the 'banana boat'.


Another view of Side West beach




Parasailing in Side


The main hotels are located along the West beach. As a result, it is busier and there are more water sport activities than on the East beach. The water is shallower and there are a number of coastguard stations on the beach adding to its safety. It is ideal for families with young children.






The EAST Beach

Side East Beach


The East beach is quieter and much less developed. It is often preferred by the locals but it can be very stony at the waters edge.


Another view of Side East beach

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Some of the larger hotels have their own private areas on the West beach. At the time of writing the following hotels had blue flag beaches: The Club Asteria - The Perisia - The Sunrise Queen - The Tropikal Hotel - The Side Star Hotel

The table below shows a summary of the differences between the east and west beaches. Please note that it is only a guide. Tourism in Side has shown a marked increase in recent years and many things can change quickly. 



East Beach

West Beach

Less developed More developed
Quiet Busy
Stony in parts Sandy
No or few water sports Water sports available
No hotels Hotels with private areas
Preferred by locals Preferred by tourists


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