Manavgat Mosque 

Manavgat is a busy town and district situated In the Antalya Province of Turkey and approximately 70 kilometres from Antalya airport. The Taurus Mountains are north of the town with the Mediterranean coastline to the south. Most of the surrounding area is flat with much of it developed for agriculture.

The climate of Manavgat is typically Mediterranean with hot dry summers and mild winters. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures averaging 28-30 degrees centigrade although this can be significantly higher. January and February are the coldest months but temperatures seldom drop below 10 degrees. December and January are the wettest months although heavy rainfall can occur at other times.

The district of Manavgat is irrigated by the Manavgat River which originates from the Taurus Mountains. The river then flows southwards over the Manavgat waterfall towards the Mediterranean Sea. Two dams have been built on the river. They are The Oymapinar Dam built in 1984 for generating hydroelectric power and the older and smaller Manavgat dam built much earlier.

Manavgat Bridge 

Tourism is important in the area with increasing numbers of people visiting Manavgat every year. With many places to explore and nearby historical sites like Side old town, it makes an ideal holiday destination.

What was once a very traditional and unadventurous town, Manavgat has changed over recent years. With increased tourism, there are a growing number of local shops and restaurants in the town and an increase in the number of hotels and holiday accommodation in the surrounding area.

Manavgat Polis 

Every Monday and Friday, the town is exceptionally busy because of the popular market with many good bargains on offer.

Manavgat Market 

Shown below is one of the major road junctions in the town of Manavgat. This is normally a very busy junction but the photo was taken during one of the quiet periods. In the background is a fountain and a seating area. It is is very pleasant, especially in the summer months, with a good view of the town below. There is also a small cafe where you can buy drinks and snacks and sit and watch the world go by.


One of the main attractions of the town is Manavgat waterfall. Situated a few kilometres north of the town, the waterfall although only a few metres high, can produce a good frothy water spectacle for visitors across its wide riverbed. There are some nearby shops and several cafes and restaurants where you can have a meal or a drink. However, be prepared to pay tourist prices.

Manavgat Waterfall

If you want to explore a bit further, you will find Little Waterfall (Küçük Selale) about 1km north of Manavgat Falls. It is smaller and less noisy and has its own individual charm.

There are also daily cruises you can enjoy along the Manavgat river.

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